The 4 C’s & The S.O.C.I.A.L Approach



This week has been full on, the amount of work involved is starting to build and the challenge of presenting a worthy entry seems to be the biggest challenge. This week we look at a more interesting aspect of social media. The 4 C’s – Connection, Collaboration, Communication and Cooperation all have something to do with social media, how everything and everyone interacts with technology and the world around them. Lastly, Cisco’s S.O.C.I.A.L approach when looking at social media will be addressed.

The 4 C’s in Social Media

Connection – Connection is a main factor in social media. One could argue that it is the backbone of Social Media. Connection drives human interactions, the needs to interact with one another and the feeling of belonging is ever present today. Businesses use connections to connect with each other along with gaining new customers and interacting with existing ones.

Cooperation – Sharing. Similar to collaboration in a way that people work together.


Collaboration – Working together. Multiple ways collaboration works is through Social Media today. Businesses are able to adapt and work together with customers in order to create products and services for the future. An example of collaboration is Wikipedia where everyone can contribute on subjects and therefore different knowledge is applied.

Communication – Simply put it is how everyone communicates with one another through, talking, txt, phone, email, instant messaging and various other methods. Communication has gone through multiple phases over time. Informality, recently has become a prime characteristic of social media and therefore has become part of the communication criteria.


Cisco’s SOCIAL Approach

S – Scalable – Train and empower employees

O – Open – Lead from the top

C – Consistent – Show commitment, “always on”

I – Intuitive – Make it easy to connect/navigate

A – Active – Create and share content to trigger conversations

L – Limitless – Be flexible


From the readings during this week the SOCIAL approach from Cisco is intriguing. The simple definitions of each are as above. Scalable – A businesses needs for trained employees is a must, this not only helps the business, but the employee as well. When trained, an employee plays a vital role in contributing the success to a company. Being able to up skill and create better opportunities is what is meant by this aspect of the SOCIAL approach.

Open….Leading from example. It all starts at the top of management. Owners, CEO’s, Managers and such all have methods in which they lead their respective businesses. The way leadership is executed is what counts. Leadership can only be shown and done with employees rather than by commands as people in today’s working society feel equal on a personal level.

Consistency is always key. The term ‘always on’ could mean a number of ways. Social media being always online and always active is an extremely useful tool when wanting to communicate with customers. Businesses can contribute more through finding out from their customers than they can searching for it. An example of being always on is McDonald’s 24hour services. Facebook has increasingly become a way in which businesses are able to be always on as well.

Intuition is something that is hard to learn but if you have the skill works wonders. Knowing what your customer likes and dislikes is key to success in Social Media. The way your business interacts and the ease of use is top priority to many customers and can be a deciding factor on whether consumers stay or leave.

Active…creating content and sharing….Twitter, YouTube and Facebook do this well. Companies use these sites as amazing tools to gauge what their customers think and easily can create a community within their organization of what customers want most.

Limitless….the word is easy to say but putting the flexibility into a business is a lot harder than most things as many companies are old and feel that their current practice is the best. Flexibility is a key to successful operation!


That was this weeks post. Till Next time!




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