What is Social Media & How is it used in business?


Social Media has become a popular topic in today’s society. It entices users around the world with its connectivity. Arguably this making the world a smaller place as communication barriers are taken down rapidly with the advancements in technology. Therefore, this first entry will look at the features of what social media is and the history behind it. The usefulness of using social media as a tool for businesses will also be explored along with what socio-technical theory is. The conclusion of this entry will be open ended on questions.


Most people today recognize the “Like” symbol and its association with social media juggernaut Facebook. However although it may be in the lead of popularity contests among other networks, Facebook was not the first. The first recognized social media site was Six Degrees which started a long time ago in 1997. The concept of blogging soon after became popular and followed on through websites such as MySpace and BEBO. YouTube was created in 2005 and allowed users to share videos with the world. Facebook and Twitter followed suit in 2006. Today we have a multitude of different ways to communicate through Instagram, Tumblr., Pintrest, Google+ to name a few.

The ways in which they co-exist are what makes them relevant in today’s heavily ego-driven society. Instagram’s photos can be instantly shared to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Google+ allowing users to connect with thousands of others at one time. With this in mind it can easily be justified as to why more and more businesses are looking to be on social media and find new ways to promote their ideas to a plethora of consumers.

Businesses use social media as a tool to find new customers along with creating a space to communicate with current customers. According to cjgdigitalmarketing.com, Social media has revolutionised the way businesses interact with clients and possible future consumers. Social media in any form is relatively easy to use and requires little to produce something BIG. Businesses are able to survey customers along with gathering data of what customers want through “likes” and are also able to deal with complaints directly making their brand more reputable.

Socio-technical theory comprises of 2 sub-systems which co-exist to form the organisation. The 2 sub-systems are technical and social. According to Theorizeit.org these systems are described by stating “The technical subsystem comprises the devices, tools and techniques needed to transform inputs into outputs in a way which enhances the economic performance of the organization. The social system comprises the employees (at all levels) and the knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and needs they bring to the work environment as well as the reward system and authority structures that exist in the organization.” This ties in well with the idea of businesses using social media to promote their goals through the use of devices along with using people to drive their businesses further.

To conclude, I ask, what social media can do in terms of promotion for a business? How would businesses and social media keep reinventing themselves to keep people interested? How much data is required for these sorts of business tactics.

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